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The Life & Times of...

by: Steve Fussell

Mon Aug 31, 2009 at 06:33:38 AM EST

The best thing about Fruitland Park Cafe is our customers, many of whom lead fascinating lives and have fascinating stories to tell about their experiences.

The Life & Times of... is a salute to our most colorful and iconic customers. They range from paupers to millionaires, from preachers to politicians, and from lively young adventure-seekers to wisdom of the ages.

If you have a story to tell---or know of one of our customers worth telling about, email us at fruitlandparkcafe@gmail.com, or stop in to the Fruitland Park Cafe and tell us!

Pictures...if you have pictures they will make the story more fun. 

Steve Fussell :: The Life & Times of...
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