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Our customers work as hard as we do

by: Steve Fussell

Thu Aug 20, 2009 at 22:58:26 PM EST

Fruitland Park, Florida, is a working-class community---most area residents work for a living or did so all their lives so they could afford to act their age without punching a time clock.

Working people are the blood, guts and conscience of America. History prefers to chronicle the lives of the aristocracy, and media the lives of celebrities, but working people are the ones who built this country and made possible the freedoms we all enjoy.

Especially in tough economic times, working families bear the pains and sacrifices the political class likes to chat about on talk radio and cable TV shows.

Almost without exception, they bear it nobly, proudly, privately.

Fruitland Park Cafe was established to celebrate working family values. We honor our customers with good food, served promptly, at fair prices. We support local causes like Fruitland Park Days, Fruitland Park Elementary School, and the Leesburg Lightening, and we buy from local vendors and suppliers.

We offer all public service workers free beverages, and that includes local clergy as well as government and health care workers. We're proud to serve customers who share our values, who live ;ives of quiet dignity, and who work as hard as we do.

Our customers deserve all the respect we pay them, and we're proud to pay it every day. 

Check out "The Life & Times of..." to learn more about some of our favorite customers... 

Steve Fussell :: Our customers work as hard as we do
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Fruitland Park Cafe
...celebrates honest, hard-working families every day from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., earlier if it's not busy, later if we have customers. We serve a great cup of coffee for 50 cents (you gotta pour it yourself, so "serve" is ambiguous), breakfast for $3, lunch for $5, and it's all cooked to your order. But the best thing about our place is our customers.

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